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Spring colors – white flowers

Olympus Macro picture with white flowers

flower wallpaper, originalmente cargada por Costelodc.
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small sun flowers

Never ending

Blue Square, originalmente cargada por Costelodc.

rouge flower

rouge fleur

Springing Flowers, originalmente cargada por Costelodc.

Spring first orange flower

The blank field

the white rose

“The blank field” – sepia image originally uploaded by Costelodc.

color power

Together we will succeed

Together we will succeed, friendship will work for us and we will make great things

Together we will succeed, originally uploaded by Costelodc.


Colored Flower with leaf as background _ BY Costelodc

BiColor, originally uploaded by Costelodc. 

Created in a sad day. The colors are real … as real it can be.

Flower shadow, pink rose

Flower Shadows, pink rose

flower shadow, originally uploaded by Costelodc.

Noir rose

Noir rose by Costelodc

Noir, originally uploaded by Costelodc.

A flower in black and white. A rose that never dies, remains in our soul forever.

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