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the smell we love about autumn colors

More naked trees without their foliage.

more CO2, originally uploaded by Costelodc.

autumn when leaves fall on the ground and the trees remain naked without their foliage it is released a parfume that only in this one season we can smell. the vivid colored landscapes makes people to love autumn and prepair for winter.

Spring loves colors

red flower love

Spring loves colors, originalmente cargada por Costelodc.

Let’sParty 2 Anna Lesko SuperShow

Anna Lesko Best Show

Let’sParty 2, originalmente cargada por Costelodc.

rouge flower

rouge fleur

Springing Flowers, originalmente cargada por Costelodc.

Andreea Bălan and staff image

Andreea Bălan on stage

Andreea Bălan and her beautiful dancers make a nice wallpaper,  originally uploaded by Costelodc

Era pe la sfarsit de saptamana si au venit fani de toate varstele dar cei mai multi erau tineri si foarte tineri care nu lipseau la spectacolul sub nici o forma.
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Spicing things up and giveing it a try. flower photo

One day I found this flower and it was difficult to take a photo of it. it is an amazing flower beautiful colored with red, green, brown and other colors. How do you feel about it ?


Colored Flower with leaf as background _ BY Costelodc

BiColor, originally uploaded by Costelodc. 

Created in a sad day. The colors are real … as real it can be.